Spring Fall Diptych, 1999, 25" x 50" x 2", Ceramic
"Leaves - specifically, oaks leaves - have long occupied McCroskey-Hrehov’s imagination, leaves being, perhaps, emblematic of the dual identity of so much nature - delicate, but durable, soft, but becoming brittle, spindly and smooth. In a piece like the 18-by 36- by 2-inch Oak Leaf Diptych, dualities are almost wildly manifest. The piece comes in two parts; the leaves are divided in two down their middles by thinner than air 'spinal cords'. Two tiles support one leaf apiece - one green leaf against a high-sheen, autumn-orange, the other orange leaf against a plain green. Both tiles-cum-leaves are seen against vestiges of a formally quirky, black and white grid perfect for the geometrically abandoned occasion. There is, to paraphrase William Blake, 'a cheerful symmetry.'"
Nancy Mccroskey-Hrehov at Denise Bibro
By Gerrit Henry

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