Riverun 1989, 12' x 24' x 2"
Commission, Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, IN

McCroskey was chosen from five Fort Wayne area artists in spring 1988 to design a mural that would capture the essence of Fort Wayne for conventioneers and other visitors to the city.

Her solution was "a 12-by-25 foot mural composed of 78 earthenware tiles. Here the challenge was to capture for visitors to Fort Wayne the essence of the city-on a wall next to the escalators. McCroskey's solution is an abstraction representing the local confluence of three rivers. The idea of movement as expressed in flowing rivers ties the work to the moving escalators."
Nancy McCroskey: Dual Relationships
Arts Indiana, Feb. 1990

Riverun details

"The epic scale is well-suited to McCroskey’s technique, which runs to the up-and-down serializing of ceramic squares, each containing its own design motif, as in Riverrun. The piece boasts plaques in horizontal rows of 13 and vertical rows of 6, its center image – a ribbon of shiny blue river snaking from mural upper left to mural lower right – surrounded by squares in clay red, blue, and white with designs ranging from the bio-morphic to the geometric, from the natural to the man-made."
Excerpt from Nancy McCroskey, Fort Wayne, Museum of Art Alliance
by Gerrit Henry

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By Dell Ford
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gasette, Sunday Aug. 13, 1989

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