Suite in Black White and Gray, 1992, Fort Wayne Art League Collection, Plogstreth Hall, IPFW, Fort Wayne, Indiana
"In Suite in Black, White and Gray (1992) 6’ by 9’X4”, 40 squares reveal a seeming infinity of motifs – black-on-white or white-on-black arrows, whirligig paisleys in several shades of gray, white-silhouetted leaf or dove, simple relief striping, brick patterns, even a squared-o ff cross-within-a-cross. The overall effect was that of a near-hieroglyphic secret code, so openly handsome and visually outspoken that the code didn’t have to be “cracked” to be aesthetically apprehended."
Nancy McCroskey, Fort Wayne, Museum of Art Alliance by Gerrit Henry

  ©2004 Nancy McCroskey
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