Aerial Rhythm, 1991, 6' x 12' x 5", Ceramic Mosaic
Commissioned by Montgomery County School System, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Nancy McCroskey was commissioned to create the work by a committee consisting of members of Whetstone's faculty and parents of students. The committee advertised for proposals nationally, and reviewed many different proposals, before deciding to commission McCroskey.

While overseeing the installation of the mural, McCroskey explained that when she creates art for a community, she wants it to be something they can enjoy. "I think artists commissioned to create art for public places have a responsibility to think about the community the art is going to serve," she said.
Excert from Mural has new home at Whetstone
by D. Gill Sperlein
The Montgomery Village News, Nov. 30, 1990

Aerial Rhythm details

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